AIM Establishes local subsidiary in Singapore

〜Accelerating the overseas expansion of “Endoscopic AI” by establishing a second overseas branch〜


AI MEDICAL SERVICE INC., hereinafter AIM, has announced the establishment of its second overseas subsidiary in Singapore called “AI Medical Service Asia Pte.” The Singapore branch will allow AIM to fully expand  business operations in Singapore, including joint research and product commercialization with Singaporean medical institutions.

■Establishment of AIM

After 25 years experience as an endoscopist, AIM’s CEO Dr. Tada founded the company with the desire to dedicate himself to solving long-standing problems in endoscopic medicine and "reduce the number of missed early-stage cancers that are difficult to diagnose." 

In Japan, AIM has completed an application for approval of manufacturing and marketing of medical devices for gastric cancer differentiation AI and are now preparing to bring the device to market. In parallel, AIM is also expanding its overseas business activities. Since this is Japan's first unique solution to gastric cancer detection, it has attracted large amounts of attention from abroad and discussions are underway with medical institutions in more than 10 countries.

In April 2021, AIM established a joint research agreement with the National University Hospital of Singapore, a top-class university in Asia. AIM has begun joint research to evaluate the clinical value of its endoscopic AI in Singapore.

The establishment of the Singapore branch is aimed at full-fledged business development in Singapore and the launch of AIM’s first product, endoscopic AI that assists in the differentiation of gastric cancer lesions. AIM intends to use the Singapore hub as a base for full-fledged business expansion in the Asian region.

■Future Development of AIM

With the mission of "saving patients around the world," AIM intends to deliver gastric cancer AI and other endoscopic AI solutions to clinical sites not only in Japan but also around the world. AIM will continue its research efforts with additional medical institutions around the world in the interest of expanding its endoscopic AI business in other countries. Through the endoscopic AI business, we hope to improve endoscopic medical care around the world and greatly increase the number of lives saved.

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